19 APRIL 2018

[ 09:00 START ]

  • Eröffnung
  • Democracy 0.0
    How social media endangers quality journalism and hacks our democracy
  • Convenience vs. Privacy
    How we sell out our power to Facebook and others
  • Disrupt the disruptors:
    How Europe must challenge the silicon valley giants!

[ 12:30 PAUSE]

  • iRobot/ourRobots
    Will artificial intelligence kill us all or make us immortal?
  • Code or creativity:
    AI and humans at work – who is the boss?
  • The future of sex:
    How we love in times of the robot
  • The future of content:
    Storytelling remains queen but means can change.
  • This girl fights climate change!
    You can do it too!
  • The future of moving 2.1
    Is e-mobility the be-all and end-all.
  • The future of moning 2.2
    Autonomous driving is a matter of acceptance – how is this possible?
  • Digital zeitgeist:
    Design, arts and culture in constant transformation.

[ 20:00 ]

  • Award Show
  • Live-Acts
  • After Party

Der 4GAMECHANGERS Day: Heiß diskutierte aktuelle Themen wie "disrupt the disruptors", "Artifical Intelligence", "E-Mobility" und "design, arts and culture in times of digital transformation" finden hier in Form von Sessions, Panels und Keynotes mit Top-Speakern, Startups, Unternehmen, Interessenvertreter aus Wirtschaft, Industrie & Politik, Kunst & Kultur und Medien statt. Am Abend findet die "4GAMECHANGERS-Awardshow" statt - eines der Highlights des Festivals, bei der die größten und beeindruckendsten Gamechanger in den Kategorien "4Webstars", "4Startups", "4Music" und "4Gamechanger of the year" ausgezeichnet werden.