18 APRIL 2018

[ 09:00 START ]

  • Eröffnung
  • Cryptic topic Cryptocurrencies:
    Groundbreaking revolution or neckbreaking risk?
  • Blockchain unchained:
    Decentralized networks tearing down established market players.
  • Fast and furious:
    Racing for money in a disrupted financial sector.

[ 12:30 – PAUSE ]

  • Natural born austrian bureaucracy:
    Preserving the good or delaying the btter.
  • Battleground: National economy vs digital reality.
    Will it be an epic fight or a liberating relief?
  • F*ck-Up Speech
    Failure story
  • 4Minutes 4Future:
    F*ck reality – entrepreneurship against all odds
  • The Next Big Thing
    Austria´s forthcoming hotshots
  • Finale Pitch Sessions
  • Live-Acts

[ 20:00 ]

Der 4STARTUPS-Tag besteht Pitching Sessions, Fuck-Up-Speeches, Startup Open Mic, Exit-Success-Stories, Keynotes und Sessions zu den trending topics, wie "Cryptocurrencies" und "Blockchain Revolution". Für und mit Studenten, Entrepreneuren, Startups & Startup-unterstützende Institutionen, Business Angels, Investoren, Unternehmen und gamechanging personalities.